American Jews are searching for connection: connection to Jewish community, to Jewish heritage and to a sense of genuine belonging. Jews of the 21st century are looking for community that is open and welcoming where Judaism feels authentic and joyful, where it is okay to be “not that religious” or even Jew-ish. Many Jewish individuals and families are looking for a community that is non-denominational and accepting of all different levels of observance and participation.

Why MAKOMnj?

MAKOMnj is the place!

Where Jewish is life is celebrated

Where Judaism feels joyful

Where relationships are fostered and cherished

Where people gather for spiritual renewal

Where teachers and students care about one another

Where learning is accessible, where every student is special

Where everyone feels safe

Where everyone is honored and respected for their unique qualities

Where no one feels alone

Where families love being together

Where everyone is treated with respect and kindness

Where all are welcome!