A recipe for Hangin’ Together MAKOMnj style

1 part fun

1 part community

A sprinkle of Judaism

Mix all together for an hour or more


Relationships are nurtured and Jewish life is celebrated as we build community.


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Shabbat Together (Facebook Live)

Enjoy the calm and joy of Shabbat together while apart.








Fridays at 5:30pm

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No need to register just enjoy!

Passover Dessert Workshop

Learn to make fabulous Coconut Macaroons

Wednesday, April 1st at 2:30pm
Facebook Live on the MAKOMnj Facebook Page

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No need to register just enjoy!


Passover Seder

Join the “Miller Family Seder” on the first night of Passover.

This will be an online Seder via Zoom.

Once registered, Zoom login info will be sent to you.


Wednesday, April 8th at 5:00 pm

Registration is a MUST!

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Here are some suggested supplies for the seder.

If you are not to go to the supermarket or it is hard to find these items—don’t worry.  Look in your pantry or fridge to see what you already have. Get creative and improvise.  Depending on your personal level of observance use ingredients that you are comfortable with.  This year Seder will be different for all of us.

1. Matzah   2.Some form of Charoset   3. Some form of Bitter Herb   4. Salt water   5. Some form of greens (to dip in the salt water)    6. Some form of wine or grape juice

Afikoman– Our family tradition is that we divide the afikoman into pieces so that every child in the house under 13 get to find a piece of the afikoman.  If you have kids- prior to the start of the seder, please hide some afikoman according to your family custom.


Creative Approach ideas


Charoset Represents the bricks and mortar made by the Jews when they were building for Pharaoh.  If you don’t have “classic” charoset ingredients look for alternative ingredients that may be in your pantry.  Be creative.  And nuts can be added to all of the recipes.  Here are a few charoset examples:

  • Charoset 1: Apples, red wine, cinnamon, sugar (nuts can be added)
  • Charoset 2: Dried fruit including figs, apricots, dates, red wine, cinnamon, sugar
  • Charoset 3: Oatmeal (with raisins)
  • Charoset 4: Quinoa (with raisins)
  • Charoset 5: Apple Sauce
  • Charoset 6: Fruit cup with cinnamon and sugar
  • Charoset 7: Rice, cinnamon and sugar

Bitter Herbs

Bitter Herbs are included in the seder to represent the bitter lives the Israelite people lived while in Egypt.  Typically, Bitter herbs are represented with horseradish or romaine lettuce.  Here are a few alternatives

  • Kale
  • Lemon wedge or rind or a little bit of lemon juice
  • Kumquats
  • Some coffee or coffee grinds are bitter
  • Some find dark chocolate to be bitter


Greens are typically spring greens to represent spring and rebirth most often parsley is used but any leafy green will work or in this case- anything green and dip-able is good.

  • Parsley
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Spinach
  • Any frozen green vegetable you have it on hand and defrost for the seder)
  • Seaweed
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber
  • Hard-boiled egg—yeah—this is not green but it represents spring so let’s call it close enough



Shabbat Dinner

Get to know the MAKOMnj community in a more intimate way at a casual potluck Shabbat dinner.  Dinner is called for 6:30 pm at Rabbi Miller’s home. We begin with the traditional Shabbat blessings and then a delicious meal! MAKOMnj will cook the chicken and bake the challah.

You bring a salad, side dish or dessert.  Be creative and be sure to be nut free.​


No dates scheduled for  Shabbat dinner due to social distancing.

Click here to register and for location information.


“Welcome Shabbat”

Gather on the first Friday of the month for “Welcome Shabbat,” a Shabbat experience with song and prayer. Come as you are to this family friendly, joyful way to start Shabbat in an atmosphere that is spiritual and uplifting.


No dates for “Welcome Shabbat” due to social distancing

Click here to register and for location information.


Challah Baking!  New Date coming soon!

Learn to bake challah at Rabbi Miller’s home

We will make the challah-lujah recipe from start to finish.


Torah and Topics: No Experience Needed

Discuss current issues that we face in the world and see how Jewish values can guide us during difficult or uncertain times. No previous Torah study is needed in fact this is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is curious about Jewish learning. In a relaxed setting a new topic will be discussed each month.
Topics will include: Is it every okay to lie? What is our responsibility to the environment? What does Jewish tradition have to say about immigration?


Dates coming soon Saturdays  at 10:00 am

Click here to register and for location information.


Shabbat Morning Walks  

Start the morning by heading into beautiful Lewis Morris park. Spend time appreciating the relaxing and meditative qualities of nature.  This walk will not be strenuous and will be good for everyone who enjoys walking.  Beginning in July we will be walking together with Bethel AME Church.  This will be a wonderful way to get to know members of another local faith community.


Check back for Dates in the Spring

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