We made Hamantachen!!! February 2021

Challah Making Class December 2020

Hanukkah Fun

Candles and Cocktails

Family Game Night!

Adult Game Night!


Blessing of the Animals 2020

Covid Hybrid Learning Program

Learning outside when we can and on computer when we can’t.


High Holy Days 2020

Our Zoom Studio After (December 2020)

Our Zoom Studio Before (March 2020)


Learning about God by playing with bubbles!


Sweet Learning of Hebrew Letters



Table of Hope Food Pantry 12/26



CareOne on Christmas Day –Spreading Cheer and a Sing-a-long!



Hanukkah Party with Sufganiyot (Donut) Tasting and Latkes



Tree of Life Learning Hanukkah Celebration



A reenactment of the two stories of creation

Practicing Hebrew

Building The Tower of Babel

Playing “Telephone” to see how messages changed when they are told over and over again

Sukkot with Tree of Life Learning

Making Candy Sukkahs, Shaking the Lulav and Smelling the Etrog


High Holy Days 2019

Tree of Life Learning 2019-2020

Challah Baking November 11, 2019



Tree of Life Learning 2018-2019

Building ‘The Tower of Babel!”

Some text study and thoughtful writing.

Baking Banana Bread to Welcome the Stranger and Guests


Celebrating Rosh HaShanah